Banned for cheating without any proof or actual form cheating/ rule breaking

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  • Hi,

    I've been playing on your servers for about a year now and have today gotten banned for cheating. I was playing on NamelessNoobs Mob Of The Dead and out of nowhere received a thirteen day ban without warning. If I was cheating why am I only receiving a thirteen day ban, to then go and cheat with my programs installed again? Is it a bug with the anti-cheat?

    I can provide screenshots of my folder or if possible could someone go on too the owners/staff team of NamelessNoobs and figure out why I actually got banned? I really would like to continue playing on your servers. Thank you.

    Here is a screenshot of my ban:

  • Sorry friend but you have to wait until your ban expires. You have broken a rule that you did not know and you broke it, please do not create another topic complaining because your account will be permanently blocked so be patient.

  • Do you have any alt accounts or does anyone else share the PC with you?

  • @HannesC Nope no alt, have nothing installed in my computer or anyone else that used my account. Also is there a way you can play back previous Zombie games? That alone would prove I wasn't cheating at all

  • This isn't the account you/someone cheated on, rather the account you/someone logged in after getting banned for 7 days, hence its 14 days now. Dunno if that makes sense to you. Either someone has access to your account or you logged into your Pluto account on an PC where another guy was already banned.

  • I got banned yesterday during my playtime, my ign is dingleberries12. If someone else were to access my account they wouldn't be able to do it while I was in the middle of a game. It would be impossible for someone to have accessed my account because I was active. I've never received a previous ban or have been notified about it. This is my first ban on this account

  • You just contradicted yourself when you earlier said you had no alts. That's the alt you were banned on, on t6zm after playing for quite some time. And no its not a bug with the anticheat, you probably injected or tried to tamper game memory in some way which led to your initial ban of 7 days, after which you logged in with this account, and it extended to 14 days.

    Ban appeals aren't a thing, read this

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