ZM&MP retexture Purple

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  • This retexture only covers some mp maps and some zombie maps.
    screenshots are from zombies you can look at mp yourself.

    Will I do more stuff for world at war most likely not and if I do I'm making it anime themed. This was a pain to do I couldn't find like half the textures Just finding theses alone took 12+ hours because some of the things are from different maps and they aren't in the right folders. This isn't even completed I just wanted to release it because I've lost motivation Ill continue to work on it later if I feel like it.

    Somethings aren't released because I forgot to ask the creator for permission to release his stuff on world at war so expect an update to the file later with a new link maybe Idk.
    If I released something of yours please let me know so I can add you to the credits also Ill make a proper credits maybe.

    Maps this doesn't cover completely

    • Verrückt
    • Shi No Numa
    • Most mp maps

    Me for the retexture
    some guy from UGX 6 years ago who released the pack a punch camo which I changed to purple or was it 7 years ago idk.


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Which files do i put this in?

  • @pulsve_ Guessing in

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