WaW Easy Script Installer

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  • This is a link to my git hub that has a download to my WaW easy script installer, as well as some of my custom scripts.

    What are Scripts?

    Scripts are small pieces of code that can alter the way the game proforms. For example, One of the included scripts is a zombie counter that shows on screen how many zombies there are on the map. The other incuded script is a discord server hud that shows your discord invite code as well as your servers name. Something to note is that scripts dont only just work on servers, they can also be used on private games but CANNOT be used on other hosted servers unless the server itself has a script added to it.




    • downalod the single batch file and place it into the a designated folder with all your scripts inside. (Create a new folder and place all scripts inside as well as the batch file)

    • Any WaW script can be installed with this, not just only my scripts.

    • After doing so run the batch file and all scripts will be placed into the pluto script folder.

  • I don't think it's very clear what this is and what the scripts are for

  • @lResxt Thank you for the comment and ill try to make it more clear.

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