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  • There's some settings missing from the dedicated.cfg im looking for, for an SnD server. Specifically friendly fire, dynamic map elements, and pre match/round timers. Is there a way to change these from the defaults?

  • Hello! You can activate the dynamic map elements in the configuration file called "dedicated". To change the time of each round, you must change it in the file called "sd", this file should be in the folder called "gamesettings", the friendly fire I don't know how to activate it, I suppose that it can only be activated playing in extreme. dedicated.JPG sd.JPG

  • @Gimenez1x is correct BUT you must place those "gts" commands into the .cfg of the sd.cfg gametype configuration file as well.

    To enable friendly fire, the following command works by placing it in the sd.cfg file.

    gts friendlyfiretype "1"        // 1 for on, 2 for reflect, 3 for shared.

    Please let me know if you figure out the pre match/round timer settings.

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