Plutonium Account banned for no reason?

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  • Hello, I am posting this in regards to my account which was banned today for 7 days. I have not violated any policies, the only thing I have done today was shoot bots in a custom lobby. No cheats, no class modifiers, rank unlockers, or FOV changers. NOTHING on the anti-cheat policy was broken. It was just the base game how it was when first installed.

    I was told in the discord that I could try to ask here. If you need me to wait out the ban to give time to review what happened, I'm all for it. But I beg of you guys to take a look at least and see for yourselves because it has to be a bug. BO2 is one of my all-time favorites, it would be a shame to be permanently banned for something I never did once this ban is over.

    I appreciate your time reading this and hope you guys take this seriously; I have no reason to be willing to take the ban and ask that you review the system if I was actually breaking the policy.

  • Logs show you tried to inject into t6mp after playing for quite some time, so no it's not a false ban.

  • Oh really? Well then guess what? Your logs are wrong and your system is flawed. Such a shame that I'm telling you it is broken and you won't even bat an eye at it. I can't say I expected anything different, though. I get that you guys probably have people saying this all the time, but automatically stereotyping me because you THINK your system is perfect (when I'm telling you it's not) will lose you players that are innocent, and it also does nothing to improve the apparent issue on platform.

    Like I said earlier, there is absolutely no reason for me to lie about this... I said I am even fine with a 7-day ban. Since I was "cheating," the perma-ban shouldn't happen unless I was the dumbest person on the planet and tried it again. I just ask that you look into this further and investigate. If I get permanently banned for no reason after my current ban is up, I will be very upset about losing one of my childhood games and you will lose a community member and more depending on how many people this bug affects.

    I guess that that's not the only issue with the logs either because I had only played for maybe 30 minutes (no long session at time of ban), restarted my computer for an update, then noticed that it had logged me out. I had a few long sessions the day before, but it worked perfectly the next morning up until the restart, which is when I got banned.

    Unfortunately, I believe there is no way for me to show proof of my innocence besides a video of the saved custom game I recorded in theater mode just minutes before the ban. That will show you a short custom game session with gameplay against a couple bots.

    I don't have very good laptop right now, so if you still aren't convinced I'm not lying, then I will have no other choice but to not play until I have something capable of screen recording. I am NOT going to risk being permanently banned without proof that I am doing nothing wrong. I will open task manager, show all processes, details and services, whatever it takes. Just let me know.

    As you can see, I feel very strongly about this. Believe your logs if you choose to do so, I can't change what your thoughts are. But in the end, I'll still have my pride because I am the only one who can truly know I am correct.

  • can you prove the logs wrong? by showing lots of proff of what your key strokes were? like showing all hidden files downloads things you did its gonna take a lot to prove the logs wrong lol but next time dont cheat thay have logs for a reasion i follow all rules as thay go by the book so stop trying to get unbanned wen you know what u did was wrong

  • @YT-RagingLazar You obviously didn't read it, I literally said I don't care if the ban is removed. I will gladly wait it out and give the mods a break for this because I can't prove it. I would do ANYTHING to prove it next time though, I have nothing to hide. That's why I'm trying to give a warning that something isn't right.

    That being said, your statement is completely false about "next time don't cheat," because guess what man? I didn't cheat. I'm not some idiot that apparently you all take me for. I kinda hope I get permabanned now just to prove you all wrong. It's honestly pitiful and insulting towards me, and I don't like that. "You know what you did was wrong." All I can do is laugh at your statements. You have no clue man, I'm telling you.

  • What apps did you have running in the background at that time?

  • Hi, I have seen this post because a friend get banned for the same reason, I think that is a problem with the background apps, my friend was playing with me on a custom private server, then when we get tired of the 1vs1, he exited of the game (t6mp) and his account was log out and banned 7 days, then he made another account because we wanted to play t6z, and he gets banned for 15 days๐Ÿ˜‚, he post a topic about it but is lock and I can't reply, @HannesC replied it with the same massage. There may be an application that makes the warning, there are still 4 days left of the ban. But if for some application the ban appeared again and ends up being banned for more days, it would not hurt to review these errors so that they don't happen again.

  • @Adakrs it's not possible for a "background app" to trigger a ban unless it directly tries to modify game memory. There are no known applications that to this by themselves, he most likely used an injector.
    Also the ban message clearly tells you not to try and evade the ban.

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