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  • Today I am going to release the map I been hosting on and off and spend a lot of my time in mw3 in. This map was ported from cod 4 to mw3 I personally enjoy this map and love to play it from time to time. The map is somewhat not beginner friendly.

    To fully enjoy this map I recommend a cod jumper gsc mod or any alternative

    cod jumper mod I used/ported for use in mw3 : Here

    Map Download : Here

    How To Install

    hit windows key + R "run shortcut"

    copy paste %localappdata%/plutonium/storage/iw5 into the run box then hit enter

    If you dont already have a usermaps folder you may have to create it.

    If you do have a user maps folder all you have to do is download the provided 7zip of the map and drag and drop the folder inside of the zip usermaps folder so it looks as shown


    After doing so and booting up a private match it will be under bonus maps section when selecting the map



    there is also a place on the map to practice your strafes in a area called Gap. The more you progress the farther the gaps become that you have to strafe to pass over.


    Picture below is the start of easy


  • This is good but seems a way disturbed

    Its good. Its good

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