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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m planing on starting a couple of severs mainly for zombies… and got a couple of questions

    What server host do you use?
    How much does it cost you a month?
    How much storage do you pay for?

    Thank you in-advanced x

  • @EliteGamer687 I was using Contabo's cheapest offer which allowed me to host around 8/10 servers + IW4MAdmin but because I had upload speed issues I'm planning on switching to Serverhino soon which will give me less storage (100gb) with more ram and a more robust and stable internet I think.

    For storage it all depends on your usage but since you can remove a good amount of files for the games (explained in the server documentation) and you can automatically delete everything in mods folders or folders that grow all the time you can easily get along with not much

    Lot of VPS providers have monthly/quarterly/yearly offers which greatly reduce the price so in my case I'll pay 12€ per month (with a one year contract) for

    • vCPU 4 core
    • RAM 16 GiB
    • SSD 100 GiB
    • Network 500 Mbit

    Maybe there's better for a bit more but this should give you an idea of what the average VPS providers price and hardware are.

    Also some of them offer a refund period for the first days/weeks if you're not satisfied with what you get.

  • @Resxt thank you for the help, appreciate it

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