Issue connecting via `connect ip:port` command

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  • When trying to play I6 and connect with via the friends list or console, I am able to connect to two of my other friends, but only one of my friends is unable to connect to me when I host. Neither friends list nor issuing command via the console will work, and port forwarding / changing windows firewall settings seems to have no effect. On top of that, the two of us who cannot seem to cannot to each other when I host can connect to a third player without issue. Any ideas?

  • @lonelyelliot so just so i understand this correctly, when you host a match 2 of your friends can connect to you and one can't? Are any of them on the same network as you?

    If not this is most likely an issue on your friend's end.

  • Could be a NAT type issue, what NAT type are you and what NAT type are your friends?

  • @Dss0 Correct, one can and one cannot (only three of us).

    I likewise tested today having my brother using another one of my devices, and he was unable to connect to me via friends list or connect + public or private IP. I was then able to connect to him both ways without issue, however. Something I had noticed was that I assumed his port would be 4976 but his was instead 4977. How does the port selection for UPnP work, is it random? Or could this be because two of us were playing I6 on the same network?

    @player7494028 I didn't check if it was NAT issue, but I can test with the same two friends again this week and report back on that.

  • @lonelyelliot Alright, we'll be on hold.

  • So this issue seems to persist when playing with my brother on LAN. I can join his games via friends list, connect private IP and connect public IP without issue, he cannot successfully join mine via any method. We both have a moderate NAT type. I can also report back after some testing with the same friends from OP soon, we just all haven't had a chance to play together yet this week.

    Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

  • Also some things that are worth noting that may potentially influence this:

    • l have other port forwarding set up, i.e TCP ports for Minecraft, that work without issue, but maybe having explicitly open ports affects UPnP?

    • unlike the others I have been playing with, my setup is eth instead of wifi

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