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  • I loaded a program mvm for recording cinematics onto pluto. it even has a plutonium specific option. i just like being able to record cinematics for editing, and to get the demo on iw5 i had used MVM so i could record a cinematic. My friend did not tell me i needed to load into LAN Mode. and now im banned for a certain amount of time, if i could get some contact or help that would be amazing, i simply like being able to record cool things for videos. and id like to be able to play games with my friends again. twitter: @s7mpthy if someone could contact me.

  • Eh I highly doubt what you're saying is even true....

    You could record it with legit anything OBS even. So idk guess just wait for a staff response they'll prob tell you that you tried Injecting something into the Process which triggered the Anti-Cheat and got you banned. And No I don't think your issue will be resolved they don't Remove anti-cheat bans from my knowledge

  • i already record with OBS. its a tool that you can also use on steam mw3. you can see the info here https://codmvm.com/about

    you can do it on the offline version of the game. i wasnt even meaning to do it on the online version. i can load one of the theatre files and record a cinematic of the actual game that was played. so you dont have to remake what happened in game.

  • @simp-feed You'll have to wait it out. Plutonium staff doesn't do ban appeals. Next time use LAN Mode.

  • Wait for the unban and read this for next time https://plutonium.pw/docs/anticheat/

  • you get told apon launching mvm that you need to be in lan mode you ignored the warning and got banned not our issue


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