[Windows] Hosting second server instance excluding the plugins/scripts from previous one.

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  • Dear Plutonium Community,

    I have an iSnipe server running on a VPS using the plutoisnipe.dll plugin and some scripts. I want to create another server instance that doesn't use the present plugins/scripts from the iw5 storage (iSnipe ones).

    Is there any way to do that?

    Help in this matter would be highly appreciated.


  • @nightwings3 If you only have gsc scripts you can edit them to only load when the server port is X but since you have a dll file I assume you cannot modify it and so the solution would be having 2 different Plutonium folders.

    Here is a bat Mxve gave me to do that

    You simply change installDir to be your Windows user name, save it then put it in the same folder you have plutonium.exe and run it.

    It will then create a new Plutonium folder here %localappdata%\Plutonium2

    Then for the other server you wanna run without what's in the first folder you simply change the start bat file to use the Plutonium2 folder instead cd /D %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium2

  • Dear @Resxt,

    I'm grateful for your help. The plutonium2 solution works fine. However, would you be so kind to share the GSC code for loading scripts only when the server port is X as well? I have very low familiarity with GSC scripting.


  • @nightwings3 So a GSC script always starts with a Main() or Init() function, this is the entry point.
    Then you usually call OnPlayerSpawned() or something like that.

    If you only want your script to run on a particular server just wrap everything inside the Main or Init function inside a condition.
    You can easily assign only certain part of scripts to a particular server and not another as well.

    For example

        if (getDvarInt("net_port") == 27017)
            // your logic for the server that uses the port 27017 here
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