Duplicate servers, causes black screen

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  • So this is odd.

    I have a BO2 Tranzit server up, me and my friends all see it and join fine. my brother sees 4 copies of the server, all of which causes it to hang on a black screen, and the black ops logo while looping the loading music. We're on the same network.

    It was working fine a couple hours earlier, so not sure what changed as the pc was not in use. Since I have physical access to the pc, I looked through it, but couldn't solve the issue. Tried a clean copy of the game and same thing. Reset the network adapter, ran piry, reboots, etc. Starting to think its a windows or network adapter issue. Windows does have errors in the event viewer, but like I said, it was working earlier today, and all last week.
    Works okay still while joining other peoples zombie servers, and when joining any mp server.

    Has anyone else seen this before? What's my next step, because I really don't want to have to backup his pc, and reinstall windows. thanks

  • Sounds like he spammed the refresh button like mad, and like your router is a bit weak.
    Let him connect using the internal IP through the console.

  • Thank you Xerxes for the quick reply.
    We tried connecting directly to the internal IP and the same thing happens. It will say connecting at the top right, but I never see it move on to authenticating plutonium, just gets stuck. Connection has always been pretty weak on the 5ghz and tends to drop out from his bedroom, but the 2.4ghz has full bars at all times. Ping, up and down is normal (10-15ms, 150-180 down, 15 up).

    additionally, the server comes up 4 times both when searching for the server, and when you scroll down the list of servers.

    Is there maybe a way I can check the log? It looks like the log is encoded, and just comes up as mostly gibberish in my IDE.

  • @thebx2 said in Duplicate servers, causes black screen:

    It will say connecting at the top right, but I never see it move on to authenticating plutonium, just gets stuck.

    Sounds like he can't reach the server, double check the internal IP and port.

  • @Xerxes that happens to my friend but when he dose it it says timed out then game crashes

  • yep ip and port match. For whatever reason, I decided to try the 5ghz while in a different room, and it shows only 2 copies, and connects successfully. Not sure what settings are different between the two bands. Unfortunately, from the distance he normally plays at, he will get connection interrupted, so I will need to figure out why 2.4ghz wont work right now.

  • Okay, so it seems to work 100% correctly when we are both on the same band, either 2.4 or 5ghz. I don't remember this being a thing, but I can roll with it for the time being.

    that said, I typically have around 3-5 people join my server at a time along with voice chat. How much bandwidth is typically needed per connection to maintain a smooth connection? would 2.4ghz at full strenth and full 300mbps be fast enough for that many connections?

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