t6 not loading buried, works fine on base game

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  • so my friend's having trouble getting buried to work on t6. he has a legitimate copy of the game through steam, and owns buried. he's able to load it up perfectly fine when running the game through steam, but then when he tries to run it through plutonium it just comes up with that blue and brown checkerboard. it's only buried that does this for him, his other maps work perfectly fine through t6. we tried having him verify the integrity of his local files and reinstalling the dlcs, and neither of those worked. i'm thinking his copy of buried might be installed in a different spot from the rest of the game but i have no idea how to check that. anyone have any ideas?

  • Ask him to try the torrent repair option in this guide https://plutonium.pw/docs/repair/

  • that didn't work either sadly

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