Multi-language chat support

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    Type: Multiplayer.
    Description: The common thing in the old CoD titles is that the used font .iwi file is different for every supported language, so it makes players with english version of the game unable to read russian or japanese letters for instance. I suggest to create a multi-language font that would fit all the supported languages at once. As russian player playing with the english localization files I never could read cyrillic (russian) messages in chat.
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    Screenshot/Video: (as example, some russian players even made a custom support for cyrillic letters for the english build of CoD4, but it isn't perfect)

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  • Bad idea to be honest.

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    @andrew said in Multi-language chat support:

    Bad idea to be honest.

    Why? I just can't chat with my fellows or anyone else speaking my language that is officially supported

  • I just hate seeing cyrillic/arab/hindu and etc. messages in the chat.
    It's good the way it is.