Alternatives to VPS

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  • Note: I do have some decent computer skills, but when it comes to the subject of the VPS, I'm literally retarded. Also I did made a few Rekt T5 servers at home so servers management aren't the issue here, yet.

    Anyways, I'm tempted on hosting a server or two once Plutonium T5 comes out (Jungle 24/7 comes to mind 🤤 ) however I've been unlucky with getting VPS I was provided. I've tried one from (NVMe Cheetah 2) and then from (KVM-2) but both under preforming in terms of speed, memory, and etc. Like I said I'm retarded when it comes to these VPS things, but I'm tempted to host a server. I was thinking just hosting it on my PC or laptop at home, but I heard that's a big no due to the fact you could get DDoS, and perhaps other downside that I should be aware of. Though Personally I would rather host at home because I have no luck with VPS. 😕

  • @Adam
    VPS are machine with shared resources so they will never be perfect. Some provider use to virtuialize windows on a linux machine so some resources get used for that virtualization. its fine also its fine also if this one do not provider good ddos protection from some attacks.
    If you want to host a server and have full control of the resources buy a Dedicated Server.

  • which location do you want to host? germany?

  • @Sorex Thanks for the advice!

    Do you have any suggestions for good dedicated server providers, or at least the bare minimum of specs for what I'm looking for? Also, money isn't that much of an issues, though I don't want to pay up to $200 a month.

    @brolpzt US East

    And yes, I'm well aware that my English is utter shit for being an American.

  • @Adam test

    good ddos protection and great performance.

  • @brolpzt Okay, and I assume I order there "Full Machine", right?

  • full machine = bare metal
    virtual machine = vps hehe

    report us the results

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