[MAP] Scrapyard from MW2

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  • Scrapyard from MW2.

    All gamemodes and killstreaks are supported.

    Please report any issue in the comments or by mentioning me on Discord.

    How to install?

    Download the map from here.
    Unzip your download into %localAppdata%\Plutonium\storage\iw5\usermaps

    Update 09/13/22

    I have ported the map again to optimize it and fix some issues.
    Some missing sounds have been added and the map fog is now correct (which makes the map more colorful)

    scrapyard1.pngscrapyard2.png scrapyard3.png scrapyard4.png scrapyard5.png

  • Woah already! Thank you!
    Added to my infected servers!

  • Map updated on 09/13/22, server owners please think of updating it if you're using it.
    Also all of my previous ports will get updated with the next Pluto update, check my posts again after it

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