Best infected mod in black ops 1 multiplayer

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  • years ago on pc they where two modded servers with a famous mod named "Zombie Annihilation Mod"

    its infected but 100x better you could buy barricades as a survivor make bases etc no hard glitches or spots like in mw, you could buy special perks, run and knife, being infected wasn't as boring you could buy special perks as infected, even tomahawk (it threw a leg lol) (you could buy protection agains't it so it doesn't one shot you too

    here is a gameplay

    it was updated alot devs of this map was doing a great job it was pretty complete you could buy vip/mvp on their site and u had better weapons as a survivor but it wasn't pay to win more like an enhancement and completly worth it

    here is their site

    please pluto devs if there is anyway for this mod to get on your server list make it happen as its probably the best and maybe only infected mod on black ops 1 multiplayer check others gameplay on ytb

    thanks (sorry for my english)

  • @Coq10 servers are hosted by the community so there is nothing stopping someone from hosting a server with that mod on it once bo1 is released.

  • @Coq10 to add to what was said above: only the community hosts servers and we don't recommend things or ban servers/gametypes/mods.

    Anyone can host this if they want, even for free with just a few clicks and configuration.

    It looks fun I'm sure someone will host it.
    I'm personnally always looking for a new experience so an improved/modded infected is really something I could host, we'll see.

    But you did well mentioning the mod here so that people like me who never knew about BO1 mods before can discover this

  • @Resxt good that more people discover it, it only an "elite" group was playing it beacause it was only on pc obv and they where only two servers (eu and us), but the mod itself was had work put on it and very active members it was never empty, i try to contact the creator on steam gotta wait till he gets back online it been 20 days, im going to propose to them to host their server here

    if anyone want to get a server with that mod try to visit their forum or contact the fondator [email protected] like i did even if we had the files only it wouldn't be enough as it was controlled by admins they where events etc i wasn't able to play it offline back then maybe it the best case they can make the mod "universal" so everyone can host it

  • update

    the mod is available to download here

    i dont have black ops 1 installed yet but if someone want to try it its the latest version, maybe this time they made it work offline or on any hosted server

    please try it out and tell me (extract mp_ZAM zip to folder and put it on "mods folder" in black ops directory

  • Update :

    the fondator answered my mail few minutes ago and said he will look into it at the release

  • the server is back on steam you can play it now

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