perk_hud_create won’t work on some map

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  • Hello, just wondering why the function perk_hud_create won’t work on some custom maps

    I don’t got compiling error at all, but on some custom maps like SpongeBob I can’t do perk_hud_create( “specialty_armorvest” )

    But it work fine example on SuperMario64 Map

    I mean by work / not working the small icon which represents the armorvest/juggernaut at the bottom left don’t appear in SpongeBob map and some other custom but it appears in SuperMario64

  • @3D2D Try turning on developer 2 to see if you get any script errors.

  • @JezuzLizard I fixed it, some dev of custom maps edit name of functions, idk why I didn’t get Unknow function error but ye I just edited script with the new name of function

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