Game interface not enabled on this server.

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  • So i have been fooling around creating my own dedicated server. got a map installed, mods, everything seems to be working fine but many of the commands i try to do i cant cause it says "game interface not enabled on this server" i have no idea how i enable this? cant really find any information on it. ive also noticed that many dvars dont work, like player_sustainammo, give commands.

  • @PraatVDStraat you're talking about iw4madmin commands? You need to enable the iw4madmin game interface, iw4madmin ships a gsc that you need to load on your server. If you have trouble with that pls ask on the iw4madmin discord.

    The other commands you are talking about are cheat protected, you can only use them with a mod that enables sv_cheats.

  • @PraatVDStraat afaik the game interface is only supported on MW2 for now.

    And yes this is something that has to do with IW4Admin so search on their wiki or ask on their Discord

  • @Resxt @Dss0 thanks to both of you for ur reply. i did infact go to the iw4admin and got the information i needed. it is only supported but theoretically it should work for bo2 aswell with the intergration.gsc raidmax provided me. i havent got the chance to test it out yet but ill give a headsup if i found a solution

  • I already ported it to IW5 for my servers and plan to port it to other games soon-is after my changes are merges as it makes it easier to port and maintain it on different games. Its a simple process already, if you know GSC, and should get even simpler then.

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