Issue with Xbox One controller

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  • In the last couple days my xbox one controller started constantly moving me around when i don't touch any button. Its like my left stick is constantly being moved but it isn't, so it makes you fall off every barrier your on constantly. I thought it might be an issue with the controller config, but I've tried every one i could find and still the same issue. So i thought it might be my usb, so i bought a new one and tried different ports on my laptop and still the same. So i uninstalled plutonium and re installed and still have the same issue. I then bought a new controller thinking it was the usb port on the controller not working but still have the same issue.. i tried a ps4 controller to see if itd do the same issue but it worked perfectly, but i much prefer the xbox controller over ps4. Not sure it anyone else has a problem like this but its kind of annoying that it started happening out of nowhere when I've been playing iw5 for a month now with no issues. Thank you for any responses!

  • sounds like your xbox one controller is having drifting issues I dont think its the client I think its your controller

  • @FragsAreUs
    I bought a new controller yesterday because i thought that too but still has the same issue lol

  • @FragsAreUs
    Also it only happens on IW5, i tried playing BO2 plutonium and it works fine on there

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