[Resolved] dedicated.cfg commands for "Dynamic Map Elements" are non-functional.

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  • gts allowMapScripting 0 // When on, the map will change with dynamic or random elements. Not all maps have dynamic map elements.

    We have tried setting this value to both 0 and 1, without the comment. No matter what this value is set to, the dynamic elements still occur (i.e. the train on Express). Have also tried making it gts_allowMapScripting with an underscore but it also does not work. This is an important feature to turn off for competitive rulesets. Please let me know if you have any fix or workaround!

    UPDATE: Fix found!

    The fix for this is to place the command in the .cfg of your game type (so sd.cfg, tdm.cfg) instead of your dedicated.cfg. Setting it to zero disables dynamic map elements.

    gts allowMapScripting 0

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