Well.... ghost? + fatal error

  • Type: Dedicated server.
    Description: Someone left the game, but when they did it left an invisible target(made crosshairs red), upon shooting it, it died and said i killed the player who had just left. afterwards it continued to respawn close to where it had died and so i believe this is a problem related to the implementation of the bots. oh yeah and also my server crashed after a minute or so due to a fatal error.
    Steps needed to reproduce: Play on a server and have people leave, maybe one will leave a ghost like target.
    Crashdump: here you go. [0_1506926861484_crashdump_sv_02-Oct-2017_02-38-40.dmp](Uploading 100%) (I think that's broken, said it only allows image files but i clicked upload file, not image.) here you go just in case: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_hmKrxX0XkR0V3eW9qb3dtYTA/view?usp=sharing
    Screenshot/Video: Since theater recording doesn't work, I can't...

  • Project Admin

    @Zephyr @marty One for you to look at when free.

  • Project Admin

    Fixed on Marty's test server, update rolling out today.

  • Thanks for the effort and time you guys put in to this. means a lot to have someone make a gaming experience better for nothing in return.

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