Use compiled GSC file on another computer

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  • I was wondering if I compile a GSC file on a computer and then I give it to another computer to be used, does it work anyway? I'm asking that because I made a trial with a friend of mine and I compiled a file, I used it on my computer for hosting and it was working. When I gave the compiled file to my friend, on his computer it didn't work. Can it be a problem of the GSC file? or does it depend on something else?

    Just to give you some more details for the reply, I'm talking about the compiled file "_clientids.gsc" saved in the path "\t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes_zm"

    Thank you!

  • Compiled GSC files do not contain anything that would them not work on a different PC.

  • Ok, I just wanted a confirmation by someone more skilled than me on this topic. Thank you! I'll try again focusing on something else...

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