Sever showing heartbeats fine but does not show up on Server Browser

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  • I have port forwarded the port numbers 27016-27017 as well as tried 27016 only on tcp and udp and the sever console shows heartbeats successful but my server is not showing up in the browser.

  • Your server can talk to the master server without port forwarding so ignore the heartbeat messages they are not relevant. Also, keep in mind that if you are running the server on your own machine NAT loopback can occur resulting in you not being able to see the server. But others will be able to so you will need to friend to check.

    But if your friends cannot see the server either then it means the public isn't able to reach the server -> ports not correctly forwarded.

  • H3X1C is prob. right, i had this problem to. Make sure you have port forwarded on your router. This one may help you out: Keep in mind this might not work, and you might need to port forward in your routers browser gui.

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