Mw3 Ds4 controller

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  • Hello, I have followed all the steps to setting up a ps4 controller with the DS4 app. It detects the controller and works perfectly however in mw3 only the touchpad is working. I have enabled controller in the settings, I tried changing profiles, searched for 2 hours on the internet and did not find anything. I have used DS4 for multiple games and they all worked fine except for mw3 plutonium. If anyone has a solution I would be really appreciate it.

  • i spent the last two days trying to figure it out and got it follow this video.
    the only thing is the link in the description for the controller configs no longer work so ill save you the hassle.
    hope this helps. he answered alot of questions in his comments so have a look through if you find any problems but you should be fine im currently playing on my ps4 controller with no issues.

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