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  • hello, i made few gamemodes for mp like red light green light , only knife, only sniper and something to fix spawn on zombies after the restart of map cause everyone is died

    please don't judge me at my scripts lol i'm still a beginner in gsc scripting

    red light green light is better to use with SND mode ( search and destroy )

    only knife work with everything

    in only sniper only l96a1 can kill

    and the fix for spawn is working with shangri-la, five, kino der toten, moon i will do call of the dead soon

    Note: in only knife, grenade and tomehawk can kill
    red light green light : link

    only knife : link

    spawn fix for zm: link

    only sniper : link

  • UPDATED: the script to fix zm spawn now fix spectator bug ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sorry i made an mistake, please redownload the new spawn fix for zm and remove the old from your server

  • UPDATED: fixed potential loop in script error, fixed bug with fix of spectator, it should be the last update for fix errors of the script ๐Ÿ™‚ next update will only be only for add more maps compatibility ( I think you understood what script I'm talking about but in case, I'm talking about spawn fix for zm )

    So please redownload it and remove the old version from your server

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