T6 Ubuntu Awaiting Connection loop

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  • So I've got a server running with Ubuntu 20.04 using wine. I used the server files from the most recent guide on setting a server up this way.

    I start the server and get a successful handshake (zombies)

    My ports are open, for the game server and the IW4MAdmin server, on my cloud panel and my IPTables.

    My server doesn't show in the server list, I'm not really sure how to set the server's display name either.

    So, I direct connect using the console in the game, I get the Tranzit load screen, but I get an "Awaiting Connection....x" message for a few seconds before I get sent back to the lobby with a "Connection Timeout" error.

    I cannot telnet into the server, I assume it just can't handle telnet? (local or remote)

    IW4 also cannot establish a connection to the server via localhost, though the server shows a connection is being made by displaying a "version is xxxxxxx" message.

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  • @DoctorCoctor This is funny because I'm also in the same situation except I figured it out.

    Your server appears to be an old version potentially. When you launch it, you should see "Plutonium rXXXX" what are the X'? as far as I can tell the latest is r3259, myne previously said something ancient like r3032 or something.


  • @AeRiaL_ I'd updated mine to the latest version after posting this, still the same issue.

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