Is there any way I could get an original username that is owned by someone that may be inactive?

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  • I would like to be able to get the original name "Axso" (if possible), but it is taken by someone already, (AxSo). It shows that person was last online on January 5, 2021. The user also has 0 followers and 0 following. I am a new player of plutonium games, but I am active on the plutonium website, discord, and games. I have been playing everyday since I got plutonium. If there is someone that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  • you only see the last time they were on the forum not the last time they were in game

  • @FragsAreUs Thank you for the information. Is there a way you guys could check to see if that person plays games still? I would like to think the user would have at least one following and/or followers if they played any of the games.

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