(Ubuntu) Cannot join my server

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  • Hello! I get this error
    heckteamscorelimitsoon" with 1 parameters in "maps/mp/gametypes_zm/_globallogic_score.gsc" a

    "maps/mp/gametypes_zm/_globallogic_score.gsc" at lines 1,1,1 ****
    **** Unresolved external : "c

    I opened the port and has you can see in the screenshot it tells me die rise in the the "Tranzit" Gamemode which I do not understand and I cannot join the server it tells me "lost connection to host"

    alt text

  • Hey I've got a similar problem aswell as many other people in this forum, but most likely no one will answer you here.
    I have given up hosting T6 Server, in the past I had to deal with really horrible server software (CS:GO for example) but nothing was as bad on Linux as T6.
    I have absolutely no clue why or from where T6 tries to load this random gsc file which doesn't even exist.

  • @flopana Im having issues on linux ubuntu accross all plutonium servers including t5/t6 its so so annoying the the staff doesnt want to make an official guide to support linux because most servers use linux and not window. I do not want to make a window server since it cost more money and security isnt top notch

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