[Forum Bug] Site Error when reloading page

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  • Creating the thread here because i couldnt find a more specific place to post this.

    For some reason if i let a page on the browser, close it and open again (im learning gsc stuff and etc so ive been using alooot of tabs to check and analyse stuff side by side) and when the pages are reloaded they all end up loading only one of the pages it was opened, looking like i cloned the tabs but i didnt. same errors tested on Chromium and Vivaldi. on the image: reloaded pages ended up loading the same page all tabs, and the second it even happened wile i was typing an answer on the forums.


  • @AdrX003 this is a known issue.
    Whenever a page you have opened has a message that changes (when someone edits)

    To my knowledge no fix has been found yet, I could be wrong

  • @Resxt oh, ok

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