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  • I would pay anyone to re-create a script to bring back Perma-Perks for BO2 Zombies Ideally all maps but if not the main 3, (Tranzit, Buried, Die Rise). Or let me know if it is still possible to add them ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Appreciate it,

  • @Tech-In-A-Tux There is a script already created that allows you to have 250k points in the bank. all the perma perks of all the maps (Tranzit, MOTD, Origins, Buried, Die Rise) and weapons like the an94 Pap and other weapons. If you want it, this is the link. Just download the one that says ZOMBIES HUD PERMAPERKS. This was thanks to @Naomi_ for bringing these scripts that can be very useful.

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