Great mod, many cheaters

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  • Hello,

    I dont usually post in game related communities, mostly are toxic as their players from servers. Personally i appreciate the effort put into this mod by the dev team and testers, but you guys dont have control at all over the servers.

    Leaving camping aside, because this is actually a feature of CoD games especially, some people are cheating like is normal over 60 kills and 1 death would make anyone a bit suspicious...

    I would not mind to much because free gaming (torrenting) has his draw backs, but i do mind since i own the games from Steam and i just wanted to have an alternative... guess not


  • @creatura85
    Community can't be managed by Plutonium.

    The servers themselves are not managed by Plutonium, but are all managed by the community. If you have complaints about toxic players you just have to report the player to whoever runs that server or change servers.

    Cheaters are very rare to find. If you feel that a player is using cheats then report it with evidence (60 kils and 1 death do not prove anything).

  • @creatura85 Remember these games like bo1 are over 10 years old already there is a lot of players that are veterans and know all the spawn points, wallbang spots etc. You seem like a casual player that hates getting killed all the time. Get better at the game mate and when someone is better then you stop calling them cheaters. Casual excuse

  • @Sorex indeed, without evidence it has no value.

    @RedxSkull i dont mind getting killed and i dont suffer from "rage like", i just want to enjoy a decent game.

  • @creatura85
    Next time send evidence of the player "cheating".

    Until 1969 we didn't think we could get to the moon, and yet we got there. Just because values show something different from what you expect doesn't mean it's impossible.

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