[Release] Atomic Camo created by @Stone_

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  • MW3 Atomic Camo!

    Hello all!

    Today I am releasing Atomic Camo created by @Stone_

    This camo will replace Gold camo

    If you have any camo requests for iw5 let me know and I'll try to respond to you as soon as possible!

    How to install

    • Download the view models from Here.

    • Head to your plutonium IW5 images folder by holding Win + R
      (Windows key + Letter R) and pasting this %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\iw5\images into run and hitting ok or enter.

    • Open the zip you just downloaded and open the images folder inside the zip then drag and drop the iwis into your iw5 images folder

    • You're done! you may load up iw5 and enjoy!

    Please if you have any issues leave a comment and I will try and help as soon as possible!

    Hope you enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    In-game screen shots


    unknown (1).png

    unknown (2).png

    unknown (3).png

    unknown (4).png

  • wow! even tho its not animated it still look soo good well made!

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