Can connect to my server but others can't

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  • I've been trying to get this working for weeks now but can't seem to figure out a solution. Basically the hosting pc can connect to the server but a separate pc on the same network can't connect. I did notice some weird conditions that would change how I got to this. When trying to connect from pc 2 different events would occur depending on whether or not I specified the ports. If I omitted the port number the game would procced into a botched loading screen displaying the correct map name being played on the server at the moment but would have a checkered pattern in place of the usual graphic until disconnecting with the error: Lost connection to host. However, if I did include the proper port being used it would skip straight to lost connection to host. I did find out that we could connect to each others party and start a custom by using the vanilla "join friend in progress" button, but I'm not sure how this would work if we wanted friends from other networks to join who are using the pirated version.

  • Edit: using port says "error occured when connecting to host" while no port says "Lost connection to host" but only if pc 1 was already connected

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