Connection Interrupted In Private Matches and Servers

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    Hello! I am having an issue playing a private match with my wife. We both have our computers connected to the same network. We are friends on Plutonium. Whenever we try to join a private match that the other has started we constantly see "Connection Interrupted" and the game is unplayable. Pressing TAB shows that our pings our below 20, so I don't understand what's happening. We are connected via wire.

    Also, specifically on my wife's computer when she connects to a server in the server list she also still gets the "Connection Interrupted" messages and cannot play. However, on my computer I can connect to the servers and play no problem.

    We've also been playing iw4x mw2 recently and that works with no problem in private matches or servers. We just so far have the problem in Plutonium T5.

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