all weapons on zombies are broken

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  • every time I play with my friend on a private match I have a random weapon when I start I always get the packed Aug on kino wall weapons are random non the the weapons do damage I can get three weapons without mule kick I don't know what is happening but it is annoying me every map has this problem on t5 I've tried to fix it my redownloading the torrent file I used the files from steam I don't know what is causing this but i hope someone finds the solution.


  • there are many other problems with my game like not being able to join servers. my friend is getting a error that says "ak47_m_zm mismatch"

  • @bokodoge one of you is not updated to the newest revision. Make sure to run plutonium launcher directly and not as a shortcut or pinned to taskbar to update correctly. No sessions found when joining a server is a known issue

  • @RedxSkull thank you so much

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