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  • Any one know how to remove Perks and items from there server? looked all over and cant find much

  • 2 days and still no reply no wonder pluto is dying kinda sad been here for 2 years going on 3 and not one staff member can help with ez problems

  • You say it's ez problem, but can't figure it out on your own. Simple answer learn GSC and stop waiting for someone to hold your hand and make everything for you.

  • @RedxSkull my major is computer science these are devs who put out a platform or consumers (us) to put out there products but you know why there's not enough servers because of morons like you who think they know every thing when u still live with mommy and daddy and have no experience in any life skills but tryin to be higher then someone else on the internet, you have a sad life and god loves you I really want you to know that and what ever is going on at home u don't have to take it out on people. they have the script in every other game besides bo1 but you wouldn't know that bc your once again in the nice way a moron. they don't bring people to there servers us the community who makes the servers bring in people. stop chatting in the internet your wasting your life bud.

  • @Movement-is-Key Maybe you can ask on the discord to see if someone made script for it. 🤷

  • @Adam yeah ive tried there too, ive even made my own scripts found 3k lines of code for the game but nun of them work with what i want to do. i mean bo2 and mw3 and waw all have a section in the code that allows u to pick witch guns u want but for some reason this only has like dogs or KS. thanks though for the suggestion.

  • @Adam like i can make the code from scratch but, i have no idea what the weapon ids are, or where to even start to look

  • Computer Science right.... I'll help you out kid since you trying to act like an adult and actually living in your parent's basement. Look in the dumps and change what you need, I'll provide a link for you, but you can do the rest yourself, I know you can and you don't need someone to hold your hand anymore.

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