Giving up on T5 for now

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  • First i gave up zombies because i found myself spending more time trying to connect than playing along with many other bugs in zombies itself:

    -Plutonium server overlay not loading server list, requiring restarting the game, again and again
    -Plutonium server overlay blinking and sometimes getting stuck where i'm unable to click anything
    -Various errors when trying to connect to a server, restarting again and again works sometimes
    -Endless loading screen, will never finish and can't press escape (game is not frozen, just stuck), have to ALT F4
    -Server crashing while playing
    -FOV getting stuck in the 3rd person's one because you were spectating
    -Using the spacebar in the chat while spectating will constantly switch between first and third person spectator view
    -No Mule Kick dispenser sometimes (yes in multiplayer)
    -Gun perk icons missing or blinking
    -Friend can't join if playing in same house
    -Player names getting mixed up with names of previous players that left
    -Mouse getting stuck in corners in borderless mode (also happens in MP)
    -Odd teamkill bug when downed, i once killed a teammate when trying to knife a zombie
    -Messed up sound which will be differently messed up depending on the map

    And now i'm dropping T5MP as well, i'm done with the constant lag fucking up the hit registration, the majority of times i have to empty a mag on someone to kill him and this is on EU servers where i have 40ms of ping, on NA servers with 100ms it's so bad it's comical.

    I don't want to sound egocentric but this comes from the top 1 player in KDR in like 95+% of the games i play, so i'm not garbage complaining because being bad.

    I'll still say the worst about this story (if i'm being sarcastic of course) is that the supreme lords of the Steam version molodaya bilibob, Sent-Rescuer and the iconics Mc-HammeR and his friend Anton Bruckner didn't join the train unfortunately. What makes the game fun for me is those special people you see all the time, we are in adversity but it's some kind of a friendly one and it makes BO1 have such an enjoyable atmosphere, kinda like a schoolyard.

    Anyways, just my thoughts but generally a garbage rant post, hopefully most of it gets fixed in a few months, for now i'll do like the rest and just leave it there for now.

  • cool story bro

  • @wallbanger u just gotta wait

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