Is there a way to add certain weapons to other maps?

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  • I always loved playing bo1 zombies, but something I recently realized despite having the plutonium version of bo1 zombies is that I would want to see what it's like to use certain weapons that wouldn't normally be used on a particular map. For instance, it would be cool seeing a weapon like the winter's howl being on a map like kino or the human gun from call of the dead on something like five lol. Anyone can tell me if I'm wrong, but I could've sworn somewhere there was a way to do this by I think going into the files, adding the weapon into the particular map. Like I said, I could be wrong and just be thinking of some other game like bo2 or WaW. If anyone knows, can you give me the directions, script or modification for this?

  • A little late so sorry. You can use the gsc dump to get maps gsc code.
    Each map has a file called "_zombie_mapname.gsc", this will show what weapons are included in the map. You can't just put weapons from other maps in but this could change in the future. Although this isn't what you asked for it's the best for choosing weapons for a map.

    You can look at this post related to it but for BO2. Pretty much ddo samething if you want to do that.

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