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  • Black Ops II Cold War Mod

    Not recommended for servers
    Youtube Video

    This mod is a recreation of Cold War Zombies into Black Ops II. While not being the largest fan of Cold War Zombies, I thought this would be a good scripting challenge for myself and took the challenge. Features left out will be described below. Thanks for checking the mod out!



    • Cold War Armor System

      • 3 Levels of Armor
      • Can be purchased at Arsenal with Salvage
      • Damage from enemies reduced.
    • Cold War Health System

      • Players
        • Players now always have a regen delay (4.5 seconds)
        • Players have a slow regen speed (~75 Health/second)
        • Zombies hit for less damage on lower rounds
      • Zombies
        • Health values can be found in spreadsheet at bottom of post
        • Health cap at round 55 of 60k.
    • Cold War Perks

      • Quick Revive
        • Revive Teammates Faster
        • Faster Health Regen Delay (2.5 seconds)
        • Faster Health Regen (~240 Health/Second)
        • After teammate revived, both players gain a temporary speed boost
      • Double Tap (Replaces Death Perception)
        • Increased Fire Rate
        • Chance for a bullet to do Double Damage
        • Gain 20% more looted Salvage and High-Grade Salvage
      • Speed Cola
        • Increased Reload Speed
        • Swap Weapons Faster
        • Field Upgrades Charge Faster
        • Box Settles faster
      • Juggernog
        • Increases Player Health
        • Reduces effects from special zombies/Lava
        • Player's Armor Durability is Increased
        • Player not downed on lethal hit. Armor is taken, health set to 1.
      • Stamin-Up
        • Sprint Faster
        • No Fall Damage
      • Mule Kick
        • Player able to hold 3 weapons
        • Stowed weapons will reload slowly
        • Small chance zombies will drop ammo on death.
        • Mule Kick weapon will return on repurchase
      • Deadshot
        • ADS will lock to enemy's head
        • Initial Headshot Damage is Doubled
        • Increased Headshot Damage
      • PHD Flopper
        • Immune to explosive damage
        • Flopping will create an explosion
        • Falling a great height will create an explosion
      • Tombstone
        • Will enter a shadowed form when downed where player can revive self
        • Will drop a "Tombstone" on death to pickup items on respawn.
        • Player will only lose Tombstone on down.
      • Elemental Pop
        • Chance to use an Ammo Mod
          • Thunder Wall
          • Train Go Boom
          • Brain Rot
          • And more...
        • Reload will send an electric shock around player stunning zombies.
        • Equipment and melee can activate Elemental Pop
      • General Perk Features
        • Price of Perks increase based on amount of perks owned
        • Wunderfizz will give a Random Perk, costs same as regular perk price.
    • Cold War Field Upgrades

      • Ring of Fire
        • Player Damage Increased 5x
        • Ammo taken from Stock instead of Magazine
        • Burn effect has a small chance to insta-kill
        • Ring Duration increases longer player is inside
      • Aether Shroud
        • Player is invisible to enemies for 8 seconds
        • Player gains a movement speed boost while shrouded
        • Weapon instantly reloaded
      • Healing Aura
        • Player and allies instantly healed to full health on activation
        • Player and allies gain a regenerative healing effect lasting 10 seconds
        • Revives all downed allies
      • Frenzied Guard
        • Activation repairs Armor to full
        • Enemies killed repair 10% of armor
        • Normal enemies explode after hitting player
        • Duration of 15 seconds
      • Energy Mine
        • Creates a mine of energy that detonates on proximity of enemies
        • Large size of blast
        • Mine detonates 3 times in rapid succession
    • Cold War Salvage System

      • Zombies have a chance to drop salvage
      • Salvage can be used at Arsenal to upgrade weapons or equip armor
      • Salvage Drop Rates can be found in spreadsheet at bottom of post
    • Cold War Weapon Tier System

      • 5 Tiers for Non-Wonder Weapons
        • Common (Spawn Weapon Only)
        • Uncommon
        • Rare
        • Epic
        • Legendary
      • Weapons can be upgraded with salvage at Arsenal
      • Weapons can be Pack a Punched 3 times
      • Weapon damage by tier can be found in the spreadsheet at bottom of post.
    • Cold War Mystery Box

      • Weapon chances can be found in the spreadsheet at bottom of post.
      • Wonder Weapons have higher chance as game progresses.
    • Cold War Dynamic Wallbuys

      • Every 5 rounds, wallbuys have a chance to increase in tier.
    • Cold War Drop System

      • Zombies will drop salvage periodically
      • When player buys or picks up a new weapon, their replaced weapon will be dropped for teammates to pick up.
    • Cold War Ammo Boxes

      • Ammo Boxes are spread around maps
      • Cost depends on Pack a Punch level of weapon
        • 250 Non-Paped
        • 1000 First Pap
        • 2500 Second Pap
        • 5000 Third Pap
        • 10000 Wonder Weapon
    • Cold War Exfil

      • Cold War Exfil
      • Available every 5 rounds after round 10
      • Found near/in spawn on every map
    • Cold War HUD

      • Fully remade BO2 HUD to replicate Cold War's HUD
    • Cold War Rampage Inducer

      • set cw_rampage_inducer 1 (1 for true, 0 for false)
    • Miscellaneous Features

      • Carpenter Repairs Armor Fully
      • Max Ammo restores ammo in Stock and Magazine
      • Hitmarkers
      • 2 self-revives in Solo
      • Unlimited Sprint
      • Shield Removed
    • Extra Feature

      • Create Custom Field Upgrades! Follow outline in github.

    Not included features from Cold War:

    • Sliding: Wouldn't be very fun on a server with lag.
    • Crafting Bench: Limited on Resources, Unfortunately. Also not much to be crafted for BO2.

    Spreadsheet of Data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yngZ3nQUbo9RnPEi8CWj0isFx8IvceGTr6LH8Y89mMY/edit?usp=sharing

    PS if I forgot any features from Cold War that I didn't mention please lmk, they might be in the mod and I just forgot to list them ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks

    Download: https://github.com/GerardS0406/BO2-Cold-War-Mod/releases
    Source code will be released after bug fixes.

    Install: Extract downloaded zip file into %localappdata%/Plutonium/storage/t6/
    Install Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=737tfodXwB8

    Disclaimer 1: You must have all images installed to use mod. If you are not using the images, the mod will not be playable. Feel free to edit any unused textures to your liking. No camos have been edited.

    Disclaimer 2: This mod is at the very limit that bo2 will allow for gsc HUD elements. This limits much about what I can do further. Also, there are not many other shaders to replace for the mod's sake. This mod is pronounced finished besides bug fixes.

    A Black Ops 1 version is in development that will be more like Cold War! โค

    Custom Easter Eggs - Solved by
    ??? - N/A

    Solo Origins Speedruns
    Base EE% - GerardS0406 - 4h35m (can't beat that)
    Rampage Inducer Base EE% - N/A
    ??? EE% - N/A
    Rampage Inducer ??? EE% - N/A

    Sentient Odin% - Angelobeta - Infinite


  • KING!

  • :0
    You've gone too far.
    Nice work.

  • absolute BANGER

  • INSANE!!!

  • @GerardS0406 Great job dude!๐Ÿ‘

  • Great mod! Are you going to add extra perks + pap to the farm and bus depot?

  • A new hotfix has been released:

    • Acidgat was not being identified as a wonder weapon
    • Revive Icon would remain if a player left after going down (co-op)
  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • A new hotfix has been released:

    • Tombstone Revive Icon wouldn't disappear on all maps but Tranzit
  • God Damn this sounded too good to be true
    Anyways great job!

  • como consigo el blindaje?

    how do i get armor

  • Got a couple bugs to report. 1st: In mob of the dead, if you jump from any distence with phd and activate it, you insta die. 2nd: In coop. People not the host can't spawn in until round 2. 3rd: In coop, when your not the host and spawn in round 2, you can die on the class menu by anything (Especially town if you accidently move into fire, don't know if this happens in solo.)

  • @Mr-Something Co-op issues are Plutonium issues ๐Ÿ˜
    But I can look at PHD.

  • hey quick question, anyway i can download the hud by itself? i love the mod but i also love the hud alot.

  • @Mr-Something
    A new hotfix has been released:

    • PHD would kill players on MOTD when activating.
    • A backup process to protect player while selecting loadout was added.
  • Do you think it would be possible to make a standalone mod of just the HUD? Also, great release

  • Great mod but I have a few issues,in motd I can buy the same perk multiple times and this messes up the hud, also if i get insta kill and double points only one of them appears on the hud.

  • noticed a very minor bug bug (don't know if it has been fixed yet or not):
    the arsenal table and the random perk powerup effects disappear completely upon using fast_restart.

  • @iamtoofastngl You're going to need to explain this one further. This shouldn't happen.

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