Do the log files work on T5 Zombies?

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  • I can't find any log files after running a BO1 Zombies server. Are they working? I followed the instructions in other threads, but I'm not sure how much of it applies to Zombies. I tried creating the logs folder and file manually, but the server still doesn't seem to be writing anything to it. I've tried several different folder locations but it sounds like the one it should be saving to is ..AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t5\logs Is that right? I've also tried with and without "logs" in the dvar.

  • T5 Zombies needs Full Rcon Support and it's partially supported. Wait until they add full support or make GSC scripts to kick, ban, etc.

  • @Balrog85 T5SP does not have a full rcon implementation yet. If you are attempting to run IW4MAdmin, you need to create a system link to the generic log file in the root of t5, and the link being in the main folder.

    Tools that require the logs wont work/ be lacking in functionality.

  • Ahh, ok. Thanks for the answers. I have my own GSC scripts and external software on BO2 and WaW Zombies, that do similar things to IW4MAdmin, using the log files to detect chat commands, etc. I'll try the symbolic link method later and see what I can get working, then the rest can wait until the full rcon support is implemented.

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