Need windows 10 version 1607, windows says no updates

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  • Hello,

    I have downloaded plutonium because I bought World at War and I can't create an online profile.

    I tried to launch it, did nothing. Searched some threads and figured out I need windows version 1607 and my current version is 1511.

    This should be no problem for me since I want to update windows 10. Then.... there is a problem and that is that windows update says that windows is up to date. I just reset my notebook to have windows 10 clean again and done a little updating windows.

    Any suggestions on how to update windows 10 to at least 1607?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Found the solution that is likely going to work.

    It is a windows upgrade tool by Microsoft it self.

    It is the windows 10 update assistent, so if anyone has similar problems try that page. I am using it right now and will update this page to tell wether it worked.

    Have a great day.

  • Can't install because my notebook crashes. The crash happens when it is on for a couple of hours and is not related to the update.

    Will update when update installed.

  • Everything on Plutonium's side is clear

    Also it's a very bad idea to keep such an outdated and unsupported version of Windows. It's vulnerable to exploits/malware and will have compatibility issues in the future, just like you have right now with Plutonium.

    Install Windows 10 normally to get to the latest version.
    Download an ISO, burn it to a USB dongle, boot on it and install Windows.

  • @Resxt

    Thanks for the advice. I am buying a new laptop/notebook next month. Guess I'll keep this old notebook turned off untill I got a USB drive to install an updated version of windows 10.

    Very curious that windows 10 doesn't see any of the new updates and be a security risk.

    Have a great day.

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