Bad connection to servers, massive lag, for 2 days in a row now.

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  • I had a good connections through the weekend. Good matches as well, But:
    Monday, laggy servers, in steam and in plutonium.
    Tuesday, Laggy servers, in steam and in plutonium.
    Wednesday, Terrible server, still persists, in steam and plutonium.

    What could be the issue? Internet is working fine with no problems, I can watch videos loads websites etc....
    Only BO1 servers are bad, both on plutonium and steam. If anybody has a solution. Please let me know.
    The main reason I have stopped playing BO1 is because of the terrible server issue's that has been becoming worse every month.

    I thought plutionium was the solution, but I am afraid it is not.

  • Watching Videos and loading websites does not determine if your connection is stable for gaming. Always watch your ping and if it keeps spiking and no one else is lagging then it's your own connection. Should always play with an ethernet cable, because wifi and mobile hotspot is not consistent and anything can cause it to lag. Especially if you share your connection with others

  • @Artorius15 could be the unstable server hosts that are causing this issue. if the issue shows up on other games, then it's most likely either server host issue, or issue on your end.

    1. I already have an ethernet connection. That's not the issue. (I actualy bought Ethernet due to connection problems with this game).
    2. I had a good connection on thursday, but then it died out on friday.
    3. Is the Black ops 1 server dying, I think not because players are still online. Do I need a different plutonium version?
    4. I tried setting my connection to metered but no fix.
    5. Could it be related to distance, let's say I connect from a host in the US from Belgium. Will that have a significant impact on internet?
    6. My ping is around 70-180 unstable. I used to have 300 ping+ but still stable connection, this was in an earlier time.
    7. I also tried VPN to UK. I am using nordVPN, but no succes. Should I use a different VPN provider? If so what do you recommend?
  • @Artorius15 join european servers. you will have 100ms+ when connecting to US servers from europe - yes it's related to the distance. Nothing changed on our end and no other players are reporting issues either so it must be something on your side.
    Have you tried doing the packet loss test on the site i posted? Maybe there is an issue on your ISPs side as well..

  • The issue is related to my ISP. Total packet loss is around 71%, tested it using call of duty warzone settings on the packetlosttest site.

    I have to contact my ISP for this problem. Looks like i'm gonna have to switch to other games sadly.

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