T5 BO1 Sound not working when in game

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  • so i just downloaded BO1 through the torrent and its all working fine until i load into a lobby, when i load in i have no audio at all, if you have any solutions it would be appreciated, i have a friend with the actual game so i could copy some of his files if any of the files would help

  • Go to your settings in the menu and click sound then change sound device to the one you normally hear audio from like your speakers or headset.

  • @RedxSkull its not letting me change anything its showing my device but its blacked out/unclickable

  • That means only one device is detected and it's usually your default sound device. If your not using your default sound device for audio. Try changing it on taskbar by right clicking the sound icon and open sound settings

  • @RedxSkull ok i figured it out, well not really but its working now, i just added another audio device then switched between them and it worked so thanks for the info gave me something to try and its fine now ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers

    Sorry for the late reply, new user ahahaha

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