Trying to host a LAN server but don't know how.

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  • Black ops 1 and 2 kick me and my GF off every time we play zombies, it says "black ops servers are not available at this time" about 5 minutes in to each game.

    In order to play on lan mode, am I supposed to start an "online match" and private lobby? or do I start a solo game and have her through console? Do I have to already be playing before she can connect?

    Also, my pc has a xx.x.x.xx ip address, and not the regular one that starts with 192.168.xx.xx. I don't know how to switch it, because at the moment nothing happens when she types "connect 10.x.x.xx" Can someone just simplify LAN mode for me?

  • @Baelon Lan isn't supported in T5.

  • If both of you are on the same connection then one of you need to use a VPN and you will not have any issues connecting to each other in private match, but if you play on a server you will be kicked, because most servers don't allow VPN. Either download a free vpn or buy a cheap one

  • @Pistakilla Thank you!

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