BO4 PC Servers Broken, Plutonium Save BO4?

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  • Like the title says, for about a month now BO4 PC matchmaking has been broken, no one is able to find any MP/Blackout games (or even another single person in a lobby) in any region for any mode (several reddit threads about it). You are not able to play at all. Activision acknowledged the issue and gave the standard "we'll look into it" and hasn't got back to anyone, and we're not hopeful because only maybe 100 of us still played it. Prior to this, they also completely deactivated SEA servers without telling anyone, so SEA users had to play with high ping on NA servers until this happened.

    On top of this, there has been a bug in the Black Market for 2.5 months now where just entering it will crash your entire game. Again, Activision was notified, "we'll look into it", no info or fixes since then. So when matchmaking WAS still working, you couldn't even use the supply crates you earned to unlock new stuff.

    I know you said you didn't want to do BO3 because you feel you couldn't add anything to it and it still has a fairly thriving PC community (even with all the hackers), but BO4 is a different story. Only a handful players, which makes it even more frustrating when there is a hacker in the lobby, and now PC matchmaking is officially dead.

    I, and several others, would love if you could make a Plutonium for BO4 and implement your anti-cheat tools for it, for both MP and Blackout.

    If you also feel like you could not add anything to BO4, I have played for a while and could offer feedback on aspects that could be tweaked to make it less frustrating for people to play that would fix a majority of the criticisms players have of BO4 MP that make them view it as one of the lower ranked CODs.

    Some easy ones would obviously be nerfing what the entire community generally agrees are overtuned weapons (to the point where game chat is flooded with both teammates and enemies trashing the player using it) like the VMP, Crossbow, etc.
    You could also completely remove Jungle Flooded from the map rotation, which most of the community hates and half the lobby leaves if it pops up due to its overuse of the swim mechanic.
    You could fix how certain ai killstreaks, like the snipers nest, stay on the map far too long and are far too effective for the minimal amount of kills needed to get it, and also often causes people on the enemy team to leave once they are called in, because snipers nest easily snowballs into all the other higher ranked ai scorestreaks with the player hardly having to do anything.
    You could fix the duration, ammo count, and effectiveness of some of the specialist tacticals and special abilities to make them more balanced and offer proper risk to reward.
    One of the players also hosts a dedicated Blackout server where we have custom Blackout games once a week (maybe only 6 players ever join), and made a tool that allows you to add bots to Blackout. That could be implemented as well to back-fill lobbies until the player count is reached, similar to how COD Mobile does it.
    I just offered a general overview, but I've thought about these a good bit and would be more than happy to offer specifics for everything.

    BO4 was the last "true" arcadey run-and-gun/boots-on-the-ground COD before all the changes implemented in MW2019 moving forwards, and before Activision moved to their new engine that replaced SBMM with EOMM which made everyone's play experience worse (Westlayne has a good video of EOMM on Youtube if you don't know what it is.)
    And not to mention Blackout is infinitely better than Warzone ๐Ÿ•ถ

    Please, save BO4. I would love to go more in depth with you on changes you could make if you take up the project.

  • Plutonium already stated they are not interested on working on a bo4 client and bo3 etc. Search bo4 and bo3 in the forum and you will see many answers about this

  • People need to be grateful for what we already have with plutonium like WaW, Bo1-Bo2 and mw3. Supporting clients for modern cod games is not worth it and can jeopardize the whole project.

  • Yeah but that was before these issues appeared which now make every aspect of the game unusable, with no fix in sight.
    I looked through the prior threads of BO4 plutonium requests and none of them mentioned these issues so the plutonium devs probably don't even know why people are requesting BO4, and in their replies the plutonium devs said they felt no need to work on a game if they didnt feel they could add anything to it in terms of missing features. Welp, not being able to play at all is a pretty big missing feature.

    As for the legallity argument, I'll admit I'm not too well versed in legalese, but they already added the DLC's and paid (micro-transaction) camos for BO2 so what is the concern with BO4?
    It might have made more sense in the first few years BO4 was out and had tons of active players, but now its totally neglected to the point where hackers aren't banned after hundreds of reports, matchmaking is entirely broken, and game-breaking bugs which also stop you from not even being able to use their micro-transaction system (the black market) are not fixed.

    You know they don't care about a game anymore when they don't bother fixing microtransactions lol.

  • @NikkMann wait ur kidding, right?

  • @rotwave Dead serious, everything I typed is 100% true. Every aspect of the game is literally unplayable right now, even zombies since it relies on the same matchmaking as MP. But I know plutonium will absolutely never touch zombies so at least MP and Blackout. And zombies isn't that big a deal because you can still play 4 player private matches with friends you invite, which is how most ppl play it anyway.

  • @NikkMann Activision doesn't care about old cods or support them anymore, but bo3 and bo4 both make them a lot of profit still till this day and even though they haven't released any new updates they still support those games. If you really want a client for this game and take all the risks then I suggest start learning how to code and reverse engineer the game.

  • @RedxSkull BO4 on PC makes them their profit (if any at this point) from zombies as thats where a majority of the player base is (well, was until the matchmaking issue). Even then it was still only a hand full of people (would usually need to wait 5 mins for a full lobby of 4.). Like I said earlier, the MP black market microtransaction system literally does not work and hasn't for the last 2 and a half months, they're not making any money off of that. I've played MP pretty consistently the last year and with so few MP players left you eventually remember all the users. There'd be maybe 1 or 2 new, unranked players every few weeks. And all Blackout modes are totally dead, no one plays cause there's never enough people to fill a lobby. Ran a test once where I set in queue for a day and didnt find anyone. Thats why the guy I mentioned earlier organizes private blackout games, cause 6 people is still better than none.

    The same could be said for the CODs plutonium supports. Especially since they are on steam which MANY more people use than, and especially the ones with zombies like BO1 and BO2.

    Either way, I'll stay 1% hopeful given all these recent developments until a plutonium dev comes in here and shoots it down.

  • @NikkMann We're not Activision, we can't just make a client because it's dead. You have to understand the devs work on the client in their free time, not getting paid to do any of this. Plutonium was made as a hobby project, not a full-time job. Not our obligation to fix those issues for bo4. This also goes to every game that people want a client for like bo3.

  • @NikkMann dont play the game then ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Pistakilla Yeah, I know its a hobby for you guys and I (and the community) really appreciate what you have done. I was just a bit hopeful since this is the first COD on PC where MP is actually not able to be accessed anymore, but I guess I can view that as the nail in the coffin that you guys wont do it.

    Do you know of anyone who might be willing/with the knowledge that you could put me in contact with? If not for free then maybe for some monetary reward?

  • @NikkMann ok phew i thought you meant zombies
    bo4 zombies was a nightmare

  • @NikkMann I don't think you understand how big of an undertaking making a BO4 client would be. No one has made a crack for the game yet due to its protection let alone a client. I'm sure we could do it but it would take a very long time and take time away from other games we support. I also doubt you can find anyone better than our developers to work on it. Its just not going to happen unless you are able to put tens of thousands of dollars towards it, and even then Activision could shut us down since its such a new game broken or not.

  • Legal issues + hard task + protection, game is still not cracked to this day so what you're asking for is basically working hard for months, if it's even possible due to crazy related protections to then have a chance to get the whole project shutdown so yeah, very unlikely

  • Damn, well thanks for responding.

  • Fun fact, just found out the multiplayer in Infinite Warfare on steam is completely broken as well. You are still able to find lobbies, but you cannot launch a multiplayer match due to this fastfile error.

    Talked to some users and apparently its been an issue for about 2 months now. They contacted steam/Activision and basically got the same response that we got for the BO4 issues.

  • @NikkMann When you think of Activision. You need to understand they are a business first and attend to gamers second. They want as many players to move on to their next release. They know what's wrong with their previous games, but they don't waste their time going back to fix anything, because they want their player base to move on. Patches only happen when the game's life cycle is still relevant. After that, they focus on their next game. It's been like that for years.

  • Crazy you maybe the only person in the Universe who wants a Bo4 client lmao that game is a steaming pile of shit thats not worth working on for the reasons stated above this

    1. No crack of that game even exists (I hope it never does)

    2. thats months of work and they are still working on every other client like Bo2,MW3,WaW and now BO1

    3. they'd make a client for this game and it wouldn't get played nobody is gonna buy BO4 on just to play this "Client" it'll be dead faster the WaW was when it launched not that the client is bad by any means its good mods work great maps work great just I guess people "didn't want it" or something along those lines

    so no a BO4 Client is possible nor if it was would it be a good thing to add to Plutonium

    they have better things in the works for their current clients

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