Friend cannot join custom game even with port forwarding and upnp

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  • ive been looking for hours for a solution and have tried everything. I've almost given up on it and idk what to do any help please?

  • if you port forward 3074 udp and your friends still cant join you then it's possibly their internet depending on there nat type that is stopping them from joining you, they may need to also port forward for them to join you or vise versa.

    Edit: A moderate nat type can sometimes let you connect to each other but may not work so its recommended to oprt forward said port to have a open nat type

  • our nat types are the exact same, we've tried almost everything and we really wanna play this

  • nat type is moderate if thats useful at all.

  • What Frag said is what you need to know.
    Read the top of our doc, it includes gif that show you how to invite each other.
    If it doesn't work then make sure your firewall isn't blocking anything and also the one who invites the other has to port forward port 3074 (UDP) on his router, that's it.

    If you still need help you need to provide info, like a screenshot of your port forward rule

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