Setting score limit

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  • I already put gts scorelimit xxx in the dedicated.cfg but it doesnt seem to change that ingame, any fixes? or Im just being dumb?

  • Where did you put this scorelimit?
    iirc it needs to be in the gamemode's cfg but I'm not 100% sure and can't check rn.
    Also are you sure your score is valid?

    I would suggest trying the command in your server's console first to make sure your command is correct.

    Also remember that any text with double slashes // is a comment and won't be read by the server

    Finally make sure you put it in the right cfg.
    If you modify cfg A but load cfg B it won't work

  • @Resxt Hey, thanks for the reply, I wrote it directly in the dedicated.cfg, the one thats loaded upon server start. I tried doing it in the console ingame and at the IW4M web console and both worked, I guess. For me it showed 450 score limit after fast restart on TDM, but for my friends in the lobby it continued showing 75. iirc the code is gts scorelimit .... No slashes in front of it.

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