plutonium admins stop ignoring people with this issue @Pistakilla

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  • we are having this stupid bug
    where a random crash while i play zombies it may happen after 30 mins or even 2h when it crashes it exit the game and i can still hear the game sound and still see the game icon on the taskbar but when i click it the game is black screen and exit again

    i finally manged to screenshot the bug because it closes instantly after the error shows
    its in this link

  • @DrT2002 send the crash dump file

  • @DrT2002 it's not ignored, we answer this on both the forum and Discord quite frequently.
    The error you show is generic and without context it's hard to help.
    If you have any script/mod/modified file/mod menu, anything that's not in our torrent/in Steam files by default I would recommend removing it as mods aren't always perfect and can make the game crash on very precise events.

    Second, if you don't already I recommend that you try to play in windowed borderless to avoid potential fullscreen related issues if any.

    Last, here's our usual response that contains a lot of possible solutions

    • Add Plutonium as an exception in your antivirus or uninstall it (do what is said for your antivirus in the documentation)
    • Repair your game:
    • Update your GPU drivers
    • Install DirectX (even if it's already installed):
    • If you're running the game in a virtual machine don't, this doesn't work
    • If you're using ReShade remove it. It's not supported on Plutonium and will make your game crash
    • Close programs with overlays or disable their overlays (Steam, MSI Afterburner, Rivatuner etc.)
    • Try to unplug devices connected to your PC (VR headset, other monitors, controllers etc.)
    • If you use an Avermedia capture card uninstall its drivers
    • Verify the integrity of your system files:
      Open the start menu and search for "cmd"
      Run cmd as admin
      Copy and paste (right click) each command below one by one in the cmd and press enter after each command
      Only put the next command when the one you ran is finished.
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    sfc /scannow

    Once it's done restart your PC

    As a last resort doing a clean install of Windows (factory reset) could solve the issue. Don't install your usual programs at first just install your GPU drivers, Direct X, your browser and Discord for example and test like that.

  • @Resxt
    thanks for relpying i didnt make this post to say plutonium is trash i love it and want it to improve because i saw alot of posts with same issue but they didnt get reply yet
    i dont have any mods except the quick restart button for zombies because i do speedruns however it didnt work so i deleted it
    even if i still have the issue im thankful for ur respond and keep up the good work guys love u all

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