Banned when I wasnt cheating

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  • I know what all of you are thinking "you dont get banned for no reason" In my case I have. Got my new pc today, moved my ssd's that already had plutonium in them because I play this game constantly. Played the first time for maybe 30 minutes and was fine. Took a break, came back to play and i was banned while playing when i was just shooting. I have no injections nor have i put injections into my files. Only software i had running was a pc fan speed software that is from github and is 3rd party. I understand that showing files or chats or anything will not help my case and that people lie all the time when they got caught cheating but i have not cheated. This is my second account after i lost my first one because i stopped playing for about a year. This is my first ban on any account as well. Surely there is someone who can help or something i can do to plead my case.

  • @sosirz how long is ur ban?

  • @Resxt can no one help me on this or do i just wait the ban out?

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