Creating a GSC script to force LodBiasSkinned and LodBiasRigid to -1000

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  • So is it possible to create a script to force the values of LodBiasSkinned and Rigid to always be -1000 to eliminate pop in? It's kinda getting tedious having to always set those values every map. As an fyi I am running my own dedicated server with bots just for my own enjoyment.

  • You could probably do this but creating a GSC script that uses setClientDvar or setPlayerDvar something like that whenever a player connects

  • @Resxt How would I go about that? I've never done GSC scripting before.

  • @Katcher12 I did the script for you and included explanations too

    Download and install the script
    Download link for the compiled file
    You just drag and drop that file in %localappdata%\\Plutonium\storage\t6\scripts\mp as mentioned in our documentation

    How I created the script
    So basically you need to find/understand the code to do that, it can be done that way.
    Whenever the game loads I thread on the onPlayerConnect and thanks to the level waittill("connected", player); we only do stuff whenever a player connects.

    Then on that particular player, hence the player which in that context if you read carefully means the player that just connected we call the setClientDvar function with the dvar we want as first parameter and the value as second parameter.

    Once we wrote all of this and saved it in a .gsc file we simply drag the file on the compiler.exe file found in the documentation linked above which will spit the compiled file which is readable by the game.
    BO2/T6 cannot read GSC files that aren't compiled.
    That's it. It's nothing hard but it requires some knowledge, I hope this helps you understand

        level thread onPlayerConnect();
    	level endon("end_game");
            level waittill("connected", player);
            player setclientdvar("r_lodBiasRigid", -1000);
    		player setclientdvar("r_lodBiasSkinned", -1000);
  • @Resxt Well slap my ass like a red-headed stepchild that did it and cleared things up for me. If it's alright to ask, say I wanted to do a similar script for t4m, t5m, and iw5m could I just used the decompiled scripts or would there be some variables I would have to change up?

  • @Katcher12 the old CODs are mostly the same but some syntax/names could change like setPlayerDvar instead of setClientDvar but overall this structure should work for all 4 games

  • @Resxt Thanks for the help

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